Successful Women Leaders in the 21st Century

28th Apr 2016

Johara Mansura

by Bevan Bax

It has been estimated that it will be the year 2095 by the time gender parity is achieved.  In an address by Vani Moodley at a business breakfast hosted by UKZN Extended Learning, Vani discussed the transition between the traditional definition of leadership, one of which consisted of superiority versus subordination, to the current context of leadership which encompasses people and planning.

A successful leader is being able to get the best out of others, by influencing and directing the behaviour of individuals and groups in such a way that they work willingly to pursue the set objectives, to stimulate creativity rather than stifle it through instruction and orders. Similarly leaders create masters while continuously inventing other people simultaneously.

The breakfast concluded with an insightful Q&A and networking session.

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