Bridging/Access Open Day

5th January 2016

Johara Mansura

Bridging/Access courses are short intensive courses designed for the secondary school learner and mature students entering tertiary study. It is for students who are not confident in their preparation for university, or those who do not meet the accepted knowledge requirements. These courses only teach up to an introductory level and may assist in narrowing the gap between secondary school and university studies. We offer two Math bridging courses and one Physics bridging course for students that are weak in either of these two subject areas. Completion of either of these courses allows students who pass, access to study at UKZN provided that the delegate meets the other qualifying criteria of the University.

Foundation Math is an intensive 2 week course for school leavers who passed Mathematics in their final examinations but are looking to upgrade their mark through this course.

Mathematical Literacy Upgrade to Grade 12 Mathematics is a 6 month course intended to upgrade Mathematical competency. School leavers who passed Mathematics Literacy in matric can upgrade their skills to the required NSC Level Mathematics on completion of this course.

Foundation Physics is a 3 week course that aims to enhance the competencies of students in Physics to the level of that required for entry into science-related degrees at UKZN.