Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® Intermediate

Key Focus Areas:

Adding and customising multi-media and other objects
• Learn how to add video, audio and other objects and then customise them for your presentation

• Understand what a hyperlink is and how to effectively make use of this in your presentation

Using templates
• Learn how to create a template

Inserting headers and footers
• Make use of the header and footer feature to add these together with slide numbering to your presentation

Creating custom slide effects
• Learn how to add custom slide effects using animation effects and motion paths

Slide Master and normal view
• Learn how to format the slide master, how to change slidemaster layouts and slide master placeholders

Inserting slides from other slide shows
• Learn how to insert slides from different presentations

Completing the presentation
• Once the slide show has been created, its time to polish it off
– Hiding slides
– Audience handouts
– Presentation tools

Entrance requirements:

Delegates are advised to bring their own laptops, with relevant
programmes installed to class, in order to complete the training


Two Days

* This programme is only available for a full cohort of a minimum of 20 delegates

Start Date Programme Fee
Available on Request The programme fee will be determined based on the requirements
Course by:

UKZN Extended Learning