Mathematical Literacy Upgrade to Grade 12 Mathematics

About this programme:

Thousands of students who pass Mathematical Literacy during the National Senior Certificate examinations cannot gain access to Science and Commerce related degrees because they do not meet the entrance requirements of universities. Perhaps you are one of them, convinced that with a little help, and a lot of commitment and hard work, you can bridge the gap that converts Mathematical Literacy to Mathematics.

This semester-long (6 month) programme is intended to upgrade your level of Mathematical skills and understanding, providing possible access to a Bachelor’s degree at UKZN, where Grade 12 Mathematics (Pure Math) is an entrance requirement, provided that the applicant meets the other qualifying criteria of the University. Applicants also need to enquire directly with the relevant College before completing this programme.

How you will benefit:

  • Perform basic algebraic operations on real numbers
  • Solve real-valued equations and inequalities
  • Identify a function, sketch and interpret its graph
  • Understand the concept of a derivative and its applications
  • Demonstrate the ability to solve real-world problems
  • Work in small groups to enhance your understanding of concepts in Mathematics through discussion

Key focus areas:

  • Number line, intervals, equations and inequalities, number patterns and sequences
  • Polynomials and rational functions
  • Linear, quadratic, exponential, hyperbolic functions and graphs
  • Coordinate geometry – parallel and perpendicular lines, circles and tangents
  • Introduction to calculus – limits, derivatives and applications
  • Trigonometry – definitions, identities and equations, graphs and solutions of triangles

Who should attend:

Students who have done Mathematical Literacy at high school and wish to upgrade this to the required NSC Level Mathematics. These students will then be eligible to register for a B Com or B Sc degree at UKZN, provided that the applicant meets the other qualifying criteria of the University

Entrance requirements:

To be considered for registration, an applicant must have obtained a final mark of no less than 50% in Mathematical Literacy in Grade 12. Students who did Pure Mathematics in Grade 12, may also choose to upgrade their skills and mark through this programme


15 weeks (3 sessions per week/Tuesday-Thursday)

Start Date Programme Fee
TBC 2022 R11 600
Course by:

UKZN Extended Learning