Introductory Masterclass to Hair Loss and Scalp Disorders for Hair Stylists

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About this programme:

Scarring alopecia is a major clinical and public health challenge, not just in sub-Saharan Africa, but the world over. It is predominantly seen in people of colour and usually presents very late in the disease course when significant permanent hair loss has already occurred.


As a hair professional, you spend long durations of time with your clients and often act as a source of information and advice on health-related issues. Hairstylists are most likely to detect the earliest signs of hair and scalp damage and this programme can be beneficial for educating hairdressers about alopecia and scalp conditions, thus leading to early detection and referral of at-risk individuals.


As a hairstylist, you will learn the crucial skills essential to be able to provide services that are backed by scientific knowledge and evidence-based information, rather than the common non-validated information that’s available from unreliable and unsubstantiated sources. The hairstylists of the future should be well informed and should be able to keep up to date with the latest cutting-edge research.

How you will benefit:

  • Learn how to identify, diagnose and refer hair and scalp disorders appropriately and swiftly
  • Develop the knowledge to advise prompt intervention to mitigate permanent hair loss
  • Learn how to handle the care and minimise damage to the hair and scalp as well educate your clients
  • Have a better understanding of developments relating to Governance (including King IV Code)

Key focus areas:

  • Basic succinct normal physiology of the hair and scalp
  • Common hair and scalp disorders and how to deal with them
  • Understanding afro-textured hair and its nuances
  • Completing straightforward hairdressing services, such as shampooing and conditioning, and recommending reputable hair products that can be used in the salon
  • Safe hair styles for people with and without hair disorders

Who should attend:

  • Stylists who want to grow in the hair salon industry, those wanting to advance their knowledge and skills, beauticians, and young individuals who are keen to enter the hair business space
  • Students who are keen to have a deeper understanding of hair

Entrance Requirements:

Grade 10, NQF 2, or one-year working experience in the hair salon industry


One half day (three hour online/interactive sessions with facilitators)

  • Full implementation plan to be communicated on registration
  • Recorded sessions will be available only for registered delegates for a limited period
  • Assessments are restricted and all social distancing measures are adhered to as per the DOH regulations

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Start Date Programme Fee
On Demand R1 500