Microsoft® Office Excel® 2016 Intermediate

Key Focus Areas:

Working with tables
• Learn how to create, edit and work with tables and make use of the Table Tools Tab

• Learn how to work with data in charts, insert and modify charts to visualise data

Protecting your worksheet
• Understand and make use of the protection options within a worksheet

SmartArt Graphics
• Learn all about using SmartArt graphics in your document

What-If analysis
• Learn how to use what if analysis to interrogate your data
– Goal Seek
– Data Tables
– Scenario Manager

• Learn the various functions and formulas within Excel
– Lookup functions
– Date and time functions
– Logical functions
– Text functions
– Mathematical functions
– Statistical functions

• Learn how to control the input of data using validation rules

Working with Pivot Tables
• Learn how to summarise your data in Pivot Tables

Entrance requirements:

Delegates are advised to bring their own laptops, with relevant programmes installed to class, in order to complete the training


Two Days

Date(s) Programme Fee
8th June 2020 R1 500
17th August 2020 R1 500
Course by:

UKZN Extended Learning