Let’s be Practical about Ethics: The Accessibility and Impact of Ethics – LIVE 29th September 2020

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About the Facilitator

Professor Paulus Zulu
Professor Zulu is a social scientist by training. He holds as PhD in Applied Social Sciences from the University of Natal with Political Science and Sociology as the core disciplines. His core research areas are in moral philosophy, political economy, identity creation, health and education. Professor Zulu has published extensively in national and international academic publications.

One of Professor Zulu’s current research focus areas in Moral Philosophy lead to a book entitled “A Nation in Crisis: A Search for Morality” published in 2013. This was followed by research into the Nation State Project in Africa, entailing exploring issues of identity, nationalism and social cohesion. Presently Professor Zulu is working on African Proverbs as building blocks in African worldviews and finally, philosophy as the formative basis of ethics and morals. Currently, Professor Zulu is a Council Member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences in the Vatican City- Rome, a body, which functions as a research vehicle for identifying issues, conditions, and processes that affect relations among humans in states and related aggregates, in order to facilitate developments in the social doctrine of the Catholic Church.

Professor Zulu is currently Professor Emeritus and Maurice Web Fellow at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

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29th September 2020 @ 10am Free