isiZulu Intermediate

About this programme:

IsiZulu is the language that is spoken by millions of people in KwaZulu-Natal. Thus, this short programme attempts to bridge the gap that exists in the workplace between isiZulu language speakers and non-isiZulu language speakers. The programme is thus meant to assist educators, directors, managers etc. to be able to communicate well with students, colleagues and employees. Good communication enhances good relationships – which may lead to better productivity.

This short programme will also be available to delegates who have completed a basic isiZulu programme and require further language skills.

How you will benefit:

  • Acquire more in depth knowledge and understanding of the isiZulu language
  • Acquire the necessary information needed to communicate with isiZulu speakers
  • Achieve an appropriate level of language proficiency in isiZulu
  • Develop reading and comprehension through reading short passages
  • Effective pronunciation of Zulu words including Zulu people’s names and surnames
  • Engage with others in various activities through role playing

Key focus areas:

  • Revision of some work done at basic level
  • Basic phrases and sentences which involves present, past and future tense
  • Various isiZulu nouns and their subject and object links
  • Personal possessives
  • Various grammatical constructs such as the use of the copula (describing oneself)
  • Pronunciation of various sounds
  • Click sounds
  • Reading of short passages and testing comprehension
  • Translating short sentences from Zulu to English and vice versa

Who should attend:

The programme is suitable for students interested in developing their isiZulu language skills

Entrance requirements:

National Senior Certificate and completion of an isiZulu Basic programme


Six contact days (2 block sessions)

Date(s) Programme Fee
5th August 2020 R6 850
Course by:

UKZN Extended Learning